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Delhi/NCR is a corporate hub for national as well as international businesses. Many growing businesses want to move in a well establish area so we move your office into that corporate hub in a systematic manner. Aone Trans Logistics have more than 10 years of experience in corporate relocation services in gurgaon. Office relocation is quite a strenuous process that involves a lot of hard work and planning which is why hiring office shifting services becomes more than necessary. There are quite a lot of departments in an office which have their own set of important documents and papers that need to be shifted properly so that nothing gets missed out. So the main idea here is to bring up coordination in between the employees of the firm to be shifted with the employees of the shifting agency. They work together to get the work done, although most of the work is done by the packers and movers itself they just need proper instructions.

Why are these services needed?

Well the employees in a company are paid for the work that they do not for the shifting of the office when it happens so it is quite obvious that the owners of the business will go for office shifting services. As these services designed and meant for office shifting purposes the workers are well trained and know the importance of things inside an office so they do it with extra care and effort so that everything goes as per plan and the shifting is done properly within the stipulated time

How is office shifting done?

This is quite a long process as there are quite a lot of things to be moved like documents, computers, printers, fax machines, furniture’s, cupboards, table, chairs and many more things. They start with packing documents and naming the boxes as per the instructions of the employees so that when they have relocated they find their own set of documents. Then they pack the computer, printers and fax machines along with all other electronic things and they are all sent to the new location. Then moving the furniture’s starts which is the second phase of the shifting and as it is done everything is partly re-arranged in the new location later the employees can arrange them as per their convenience.

Locations gurgaon sector 65 Palam Vihar Mg Road Golf Course Road Dlf gurgaon South City2 South Peripheral Road Malibu town Nirvana Country Sushant Lok Dwarka Express Way sector 54 South City Sohna Road sector 58 sector 25 sector 24 sector 42 sector 53 Ashok Vihar Phase 2 Ashok Vihar Phase 3 Bhondsi Bissar Akbarpur
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